Single transactions are being split into multiple lines on statements

Hi there.
I used to have an old software, where the total amount of the payment was showed in the customer statement. I woud like to know if it is a possible way to do this here in Manager. As an example: let’s say 10 invoices with just one check of $10K USD. In the customer statement I would like those $10K to be in the statement instead of showing 10 invoices one by one. That makes the statement too large. It is simpler with just those 10K.
Or is there any report that can tell me how many payments I have made to my customer with the exact quantity?

Both the Unpaid invoices and Transactions type of statements, for both customers and suppliers, have totals, so I am not sure what you mean.

And if you leave out the relevant transactions, it isn’t a statement, it is just a balance. Why would anyone take action on a statement saying they owed 10,000 without any form of explanation or justification?

You don’t make payments to customers. Assuming you meant suppliers, that is exactly what the Transactions type supplier statement does.

OK @Tut, let me explain myself a bit better with an example and screenshots:
I made 3 invoices to “x” customer:
-Invoice 1: $2,500 dlls.
-Invoice 2: $2,500 dlls.
-Invoice 3: $5,000 dlls.
TOTAL: $10,000 dlls.
Now, he gave me a check paying those $10,000 dlls specifying that he was paying invoice 1,2 and 3. (I have customers that tell me which invoices are they paying. So I need to select that specific invoice).
This is how I would like to be reflected on his statement:

As you can see on this first screenshot, there is just one payment reflected for $10,000. But this can only happen if I leave in blank the section of “Invoice” while making the payment in Bank Transactions-Receive Money. But my customer told me he was paying Invoices 1,2 and 3. So I can’t leave in blank that “Invoice Section” because I need to select those specific invoices. So I need to add 2 more lines while making the transactions, selecting the invoices and its total. So there is going to be 3 movements in just one transaction.
Something like this:

If I do it like this, in his statement, Instead of appearing 10,000, it is going to appear 3 movements instead of 1.
Something like this:

What I want is: the total of the transaction to be reflected on his statement instead of making it sepparately, no matter how many lines I add in bank transactios. Is this possible somehow?

I’m asking this because It looks cleaner and simpler the way it looks on the first screenshot I showed you. The other way, makes his statement way too large and it doesn’t looks clean at all.

Hope I made myself clear with this situation I showed you. Let me know I you have any other question.

this seems to be a bug in the recent version.
this was not the behavior in prior versions.

i checked and it happens with both customer and supplier statements.
maybe @lubos can look into this.

Thanks for the illustrations, @INTERC. They made things perfectly clear. I agree that a single receipt should show as a single line. I will move this topic to the Bugs category and give it a more explanatory title. While the problem does not result in faulty balances, it is definitely confusing.


As far as I know it has been always like this.

The amount has been manually split across 3 invoices. If you post the whole amount to customer account without specifying the invoice, it will show on a statement as one line.

But I can see the point, if you manually split the payment across many invoices, then statement probably doesn’t have to reflect it that way. It could collapse those amounts into single line.

Thank you all for looking into this

The problem is when customers tell which invoices are paying, so I can’t leave that section in blank.

It will be better and cleaner if it just appears as one movement in his statement. Will this be changed?


it has to be a single transaction because the customer has made only one transaction.
the topic is in the ideas category so it will be implemented in any future updates.

Very good. Thank you

Hi @lubos. I would like to know if this can be implemented in any time soon.
Some of my clients get confused seeing too many lines for just one transaction.
This will make things way more simple and easier to understand :wink:
I know you have ton of work to do…:sleepy:
Let’s hope this can be implemented this year :pray:

Thank You :ok_hand:

When payment by customer is split into multiple portions to explicitly pay for specific invoices, I don’t think customer statement should be hiding this information. It is relevant to customer to confirm payments have been applied as per their request.

So the latest version (19.9.5) doesn’t collapse these transactions but instead it will show which invoice each credit relates to.