Invoice Total in words


I’ve dug around the forum but haven’t found anything telling me how or if this is possible but Is it possible to edit the invoice total in words function to reflect the currency being used? So, for example, I’m in the UK and so it is pounds and pence and the Total in Words would read xxxx pounds and xx pence?

It would make it clearer.

I’m a novice at all this including doing accounts so any help would be appreciated.



Have you under 0%20Settings%20tab set a 0%20Base%20Currency or not ?

Activating a base currency has no effect on the presentation of the amount in words unless the currency is the Indian rupee. The software command, in general, returns only whole units and fractional hundredths. This command considers the number only, not the currency.

This feature was added for countries where the amount in words is a requirement (India, specifically). It works only when the language is English, because the software command returns English results. (That is a function of the software language, not Manager’s design.) As far as I am aware, currency units are inserted only when the currency is the Indian rupee. That insertion of currency labels is a separate process performed for the rupee. Since it is not customary in the UK to include the amount in words on invoices, the currency designation is not provided.