Invoice Amount in Words for UAE

Here is an Idea to customize total in word. Indian tax code and currency is there but its not useful for us.
Amount AED= 744.39
In words: Dirhams **** SEVEN HUNDRED FORTY FOUR AND 39/100

Invoice Amount in Words has been requested a lot in the forum, since it is parked as an idea for UAE. it would be fair if you apply the same in the software for others also, in my case Saudi Arabia.

I suggest Amount in Words could be an option in the Sales Invoices just like other like Discount, Late Fees,Rounding and other. implementing this as Global Feature will add more the software instead of making Customized to specific Country.

Dear all is there any update about that?

This topic has wandered over many subjects. What are you asking about?

I am asking when you will update to show the number in word

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Option to show total amount in words added to the latest version (18.11.38)

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Is the amount in words available for UAE currency only? I didn’t find it in the Invoice prepared at our side, can you clarify? Refer to screenshot below

When you edit the invoice, there should be a checkbox at the bottom Total amount in words which need to be checked.

@lubos, thank you. It’s working fine as you advised.

Thanks a lot. its working

Is this total in words option enabled in the cloud version. I am not able to see this option in the invoice or in the forms default page to set it s default for all invoice.

Great! I hope this soon in Vietnamese. In Vietnam the amount in words is mandatory.

This feature (Total amount in words) is overriding the custom theme. If I leave the box unchecked, the custom theme does not print the amount in words and if I check the box, it is getting printed at an odd place on the invoice (towards the invoice header).
Can you please help??

The amount in words is entered as a custom field. So its position will be controlled by your code for custom field placement.

I did not understand… sorry!
I was using a custom theme and that worked perfectly fine. With the new update, this became a box checking option. now the following happens…

  1. If I check the box for mount in words, it is printing at a place near the header
  2. If I don’t check the box, amount in words not getting printed, though there is a code in the custom theme
    Let me show you a screen shot…

That is because your custom theme places custom fields in the header. You will have to add conditional logic to exclude it there, then add further additional code to place it where you want, excluding all other custom fields.

Iam new comer on Manager from Indonesia.
Since I decided to use the Manager 19.2.50 to manage our business, how to add “Rupiahs” on Amount in words as our currency on Sales Invoice?
Can you please help me?


Your first resource should always be to read the Guides. In this case, see

Also, before you add a post to a thread, read the rest of it. Your question was answered earlier in this topic.

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