Invoice Template

I have installed the new version of manager and imported my backup. Unfortunately, the invoice template has been changed to improper style (when I create an invoice, the template is not correct). How I can get back the template to the standard one (as same as the old manager invoice template).

Note: I was using the standard template of Manager and happy with it. I want to have it back and tried many solutions but failed.

If you want to use in-built invoice template, then clear the selection under View Template field when creating or editing sales invoice. If nothing is selected in View Template field, default invoice template will be used.

I cleared the view template field. But nothing has been changed. I think the issue is with in-built invoice. When i create the invoice, the invoice layout exceeds the white background.

Can you post a screenshot demonstrating this issue?

Dear Lubos,

Here you are the in-built invoice screen shot and the link of the PDF version


Go to Settings tab, then Business Details and make sure your business address is not in single line. Break it into multiple lines.

Awesome, so helpful.

Now, it is working fine.

Thanks a lot Lubos.

Can I increase font size of Business name & how could I use my yahoo account with Manager to send & receive e-mails. Regards, Azhar Dar

The invoice template of manager is one of the best I think. I have another back up invoice template from ZipBooks. Some clients are really not easy to handle. For them the back up plan works better.