How to change standard template I have created a new account from a backup

How to change standard template I have created a new account from a backup.
I have used a backed up ser of accounts to create a new one,
The old sales invoice template displays a standard product
How can i amend the basic Sale template
for it to generate no lines is goos
but i need to stop the template lines

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No idea what you asking

Maybe a screen copy would help, or a better description of what you are trying to achieve

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Manager has not had a sales invoice template for about 8 years. If some old version you are using still has that, you are thousands of versions behind. Any potential labor savings in setting up a new business will be offset by all the problems you will encounter. You should start fresh with a new download and setup.


you may well be right there… :smiling_face:
I have neglected our development
need to get my tech team on this

I am using a saved set up from the past. my struggle is the inventory list
could be i need to set up from scratch

The Answer is : contain in software updates
The backup used to create account was indeed from an old software configurations
Key was just in user know how.
Form Default had been under Settings
Now Form defaults are set within the voucher sets eg sales invoice form template is set within sales templates Bottom RHS