Sales invoice change to tax invoice

How do I get the sales invoice to read tax invoice?

Depending on where you are and which (if any) of the built-in tax codes you may be using, it might be automatic. Under Settings > Tax Codes, choose your applicable tax scheme.

You might also want to search this forum for “Tax Invoice.” There are a couple of relevant threads.

I have selected South African tax code as shown in the screen shot but im not getting the change to TAX INVOICE and I have tried editing the template as the threads have said to no luck.

@Lugaju, there is no need to ask this question under two different topics.

I have selected my tax code as shown in the screen shot but it kept it as Invoice omitting Tax. I have checked threads and tried editing the template and it has not helped

Is your software up to date? Changes to make “Tax Invoice” heading automatic with certain tax schemes were implemented a while back.

Tax Invoice heading will show only on invoices which are using relevant tax code. When creating sales invoice, did you select VAT 14% tax code?

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Thanks for your guidance. It answered my question. Keep up the good work