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can somebody tell me how can I edit the already existing (default template )? when I create a new one am having an issue with the already made payments the don’t show up on the template am creating.
all I need is to change :

INVOICE to Δελτίο Παραγγελίας


If you create a custom template, you lose all of the built-in features of the standard invoice. You shouldn’t need to do that just to change the title of the document into Greek.

The title of each document (Invoice, Statement, Purchase Order, etc.) is determined by the local language setting in Manager. If you change your language to Greek (under Preferences in the top menu bar), the title of each document will change to the corresponding Greek title that is specified in Manager’s built-in language map. “Invoice” is translated in Manager as Τιμολόγιο.

(Google Translate confirms that Τιμολόγιο is “invoice.” The phrase that you gave, Δελτίο Παραγγελίας, translates in Google to “order sheet.” It’s Greek to me, however. Are you using the wrong form, perhaps, for what you want to create, or do you take issue with the translation? If the latter, you may want to get involved with the team of volunteers that works on the translations. See

its not about translation I use managers invoice as order form because the purchase order does not have Payments in previous versions of manager everything was simple to change now is complicated
help plese

You really cannot expect the program to support uses for which the various modules are not intended. The ramifications of that are far-reaching. If you create a sales invoice, you are adding to a customer’s subaccount within Accounts receivable. And that affects your balance sheet. Likewise, a purchase invoice adds to Accounts payable at a point–in your described workflow–where no obligation to pay yet exists. That also distorts your balance sheet.

I was not clear from your post whether you were referring to sales invoices or purchase invoices, but only sales invoices are customizable. So if you are using them to record things you order, you have it completely backwards. Sales invoices are for things you sell, not things you purchase. And a purchase order should not reflect payments, because you have not made any at the time of an order. In fact, a purchase order has no effect on your financial position in Manager. On the other hand, if you create a purchase invoice after receipt of an invoice from your supplier and make payments, those payments will be reflected on the purchase invoice.

Now, if you are referring to orders from customers that come into your company, you should probably use sales orders. A sales invoice is generated when economic activity is substantially complete, such as when products are delivered or services have been completed, and the price can be determined with reasonable certainty.

I am sorry for the mistake I use invoice as sales orders because the people give some money in front in sales orders you can not put money in front that’s why am using the invoice and then when I send the goods I make an invoice from other program ( I cant use as legal invoice here in Greece ) I just need to change the tittle

First, I think there are many Greek users of Manager who use the program successfully.

Second, if you want to change the title of a sales invoice and retain all other default features, you will have to recode the entire invoice. The example code that appears when you create a new view template is not the code Manager uses to generate its sales invoices. If you don’t know HTML, the job is not trivial.

Third, I am not sure anyone on this forum will be able to help you when you are using sales invoices as sales orders and generating actual sales invoices in another program. Manager is designed to be used for your complete accounting activity. Situations might come up where certain records need to be kept offline for management purposes. Or perhaps the sales invoice Manager generates must be transcribed into a different format for legal or contractual reasons. But you will not have valid records if you mix one accounting program with another and use tools for things they are not designed to do.

You can do this with my way:

Create a Invoice Custom Field as dropdown list named “Είδος Παραστατικού” (Document Type) with your choices, i.e.
1 Τιμολόγιο (Invoice)
2 Δελτίο Λιανικής (Cash Sale)

Create new template and change the string {{ strings.invoice }} to {{ custom_fields[‘Είδος Παραστατικού’] }}.

Create new Invoice select you desired choice from dropdown list and print with new template.

Or in the default template, just change the string

{{ strings.invoice }}


Δελτίο παραγγελίας

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