Delivery Note title change option


Hello I’m new to manager. Looks like a great app! I’d like to know if there is a way to change the printing title of the delivery notes just like the Quote title in Sales and Invoice Templates. Thanks


Just out of curiosity, what do you want to rename it to?


Delivery note is an official document in Greece so it would be very handy to name it in Greek!


Go to Preferences and change your language to Greek. Then you will see delivery note translated into Greek language.


Delivery Note repealed in Greece from 1/1/2014. I’m waiting a little longer before I change “Delivery Note (Δελτίο Παράδοσης)” to “Unbilled stocks supporting document” or something like that.

Any suggestions from Greek users?


Thanks for your response! I’ve already changed language to Greek but when the document is ready for print still named as Delivery Note on the upper left. The proper name for that document in Greek is " Δελτίο Αποστολής" . It is also essential to print TIME and Vehicle license Plate on that document which are translated as " Ώρα Αποστολής " and “Αρ. Μεταφ. Μέσου”.


Hello again. Still when Delivery Note (Δελτίο Αποστολής) is ready for print on the upper left side remains the English version. The rest of the document is in Greek. Thank you.


Fixed in the latest (14.3.42)