Custom Field Print/Email Problem

Custom field not printing properly using Email or PDF buttons.
Custom Field

Invoice editing
Image removed

Invoice displayed

Invoice Print using PDF button - turns out the same on email attachment

Invoice Printing to PDF writer

And with one line less using the PDF button or Email

Are we limited as to how many lines are in a custom field?

Desktop version 19.10.15 Windows 10

i think you should provide html tags for every formatting if you are going to include html tags in the custom field. not 50/50.
for example, you have used <b> and <u> and not <br> for line breaks.

Makes no difference. Tried it that way but I’m not posting up all the edit screens.
And you don’t need the < br > in the custom field. Have a good look at the text entered…no < br >
If I use < br > I get extra lines…

Oh, and the < b > and < u > are for bold and underscore.

Worked it out.
It was that I had not closed the < b > with < /b > but instead used just < b >.
Wierd, it, the inbuilt PDF creator, changed the placement and font?

glad that you worked it out yourself.

<u> is for underline and not underscore.

also, you may want to hide your bank account details visible on your edit form screenshot.

Removed the image, thanks for that.
And yes, it is for underline…