Invoice paid today box

Would it be possible to have an additional entry box on invoice which indicates that the customer has paid today?

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Do you mean ability to enter so-called cash invoices where customer is paying invoice at the same time as it is issued?

Lets say I go to a customer to do a job. The customer has elected to pay by credit card, cheque or cash on the day. I do the job, raise an invoice and enter in a box called PAID TODAY the amount paid and this then shows a zero balance or Fully paid whatever.
It could be that that the customer pays me and I then raise an invoice when I get back to the office. The only thing is that by being able to write up the invoice and put paid it just saves raising the invoice and then going back in to select receive money from customer.
It was just a feature on MYOB that saved a bit of time.

Sorry, your question is what I was looking for, just thought I would expand a bit.
With ref to MYOB, I am gradually weaning myself off completely because you are updating your software at such a rate that I can almost not use MYOB again.

I notice we now have a Paid Today box on completed invoice, but can you please tell me how I can apply that payment when completing the invoice. There doesn’t seem to be an entry that will put that payment directly into my bank account.

First you need to create an invoice. Once invoice is created, when viewing the invoice you can click Receive money button to record receipt from customer.

Maybe in future it will be possible to do both steps on invoice itself rather than clicking Receive money button.

I think it is best left the way it is now, first create an invoice and then when customer has paid go back to invoice and press RECEIVE MONEY.

The problem is if you change this method long term users will get confused, and it will get to complex like SAGE is now for new users.

It works well as it is now, but of course you may add more modules in the future.