Suggestion Combine Invoice and Payment Options

Sorry if this has been discussed before but I didn’t get anything relevant answers when I searched…

Years ago Simply Acct (sic) had the same sort of work flow where you would enter an invoice in one ledger and then went to another ledger to pay the invoice. Later they combined the two ledgers by adding a payment option at the top of the invoice form. When entered a invoice you could choose payment options (new boxes appeared)
cash- if you paid at the bank teller direct out bank acct
Cheque - check number and date was the same as the invoice date
pay Later - which is the way it is now.

This just reduces the amount of key strokes and speeded up entry.

In Manager, an invoice cannot have receipts or payments entered against it until its been created. Until then, it does not exist. The instant you create it, you are taken to the View screen for the invoice. At the top is a New Receipt or New Payment button (depending on whether its a sales or purchase invoice.) Click that and you have your choice of any bank or cash account for the receipt or payment.

Thus, paying at the moment requires no more keystrokes. Paying later requires one fewer. By the way, if you are paying or receiving at the moment, skip the invoice entirely and just enter the receipt or payment.

Your suggestion of just entering it in the payment forum works. I just use the detail line to input the invoice number so we have an audit trail. I was thinking that I would be able to put the invoice info in but that works.

You can put the invoice number in. And if you click the new receipt button while viewing the invoice the invoice number will automatically be entered.

Basically I’m the best customer and the best supplier, anyone can have.

I pay my bill pretty much as they arrive in the mail and I don’t collect my dough for months after I invoice.

So entering the check on invoices, all in one shot is nice. Just have to note the invoice number.
As far as billing, I need to keep track of what is owed then apply gentle reminders to my customers who aren’t as dutiful or gullible as me.