Prompt cash payments option on Sales invoices

I really like this app.

One of the thing I am missing is to receive the payment right on the sales invoice instead of clicking on Receive Money in next screen and then go to cash account and receive the money in full.

All of my invoices are paid promptly and it would make the whole process even more faster.

Hmm, ok. But Manager is double-entry accounting system. You need to pay attention to both sides. That is which invoice balance is going to be decreased and which bank/cash account is going to be increased.

This is why Manager cannot have simple button which will just “mark invoice as paid”. This is only possible in simple invoicing programs which don’t care about accounting side.

thanks for your reply.
I agree what you say however I did not mean to just to have button to mark invoice as paid but the button or even a text box somewhere near the total should call up the options to receive the payments in cash or bank account for the current invoice and that how it will satisfy the double entry.

There is a Receive money button at the top when viewing the invoice.

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ya plz put some button or text or a menu to receive cash in hand or to bank plz

Put this information in the Notes field.