Idea for saving sale invoice to pdf

I think that is imperative when you save to a .pdf file a sale invoice, which are two or more pages, in the begging of the second page should include the sum of the previous page(s) and somewhere on every page “Page x of Pages xx”

@lubos any answer to this?

Added to the latest version (18.5.85).

For now, you will need to use custom theme to achieve this. For example, if you are using Plain theme, just customize it to add following three lines between </tbody> and </table> tags:

  <tr><td colspan="99" style="text-align: center"><!--Page Counter--></td></tr>

It would look like this:

This will show page counter at the bottom of each PDF.

Basically Manager will look for <!--Page Counter--> comment in your HTML theme. This will allow you to control where it should show and how it should be presented (colors, font size, alignment etc.)

For example, if you are using Glossy Green theme and want to show page counter in top-right corner in green color, then you could add <!--Page Counter--> to the beginning of the theme: