Invoice mismatches

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We are facing a sever issue of inoice descipencis after updinting the new version. invoice which was generated in the previous version having sold quetity of 40KG showing 100KG in the new version. A lots of complaints we are receiving. Need your kind support please

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invoice in the new backup…

Same invoice in the old backup.

We don’t know how to deal with these issues. Need your support please

Someone must have changed the quantity. If this would be an upgrade issue then you’d be able to reproduce it. Importing old backup would go through upgrade process and would always product quantity of 100. But it seems like you are able to import old backup and quantity remains unchanged.

Thanks Lubos, its seems but how can we justify that this is manual change. we are receiving many complaints same like this. is there any way of tracking to learn the difference. We took one backup on 25 august that shows quentity 40 kg and the backup taken in september showing 100 KG

need any solution to back track. Thanks

this is the problem actually quantity is changed from 40KG to 100 KG by system itself from old to new. this is latest we were monitoring this to track to know the cause. in inventory also same recipt number have different quentities

On how many invoices have you noticed changed quantity? And only invoices?

Dear till now we have been reported by more than 10 customer as invoice is differnt than the actual inoice sale and remaining balance in cutomer hand. customer complaining that we are way over charging and checking one by one customer are correct i can share more samples with you if you require or can share the software backup.

How do your customers know invoices in your system have changed?

There is no point sending me backup because you can’t reproduce the issue. If this would be caused by upgrade, then importing old backup into Manager would affect your invoices the same way as your live database. But only your live database has been affected. Therefore I can’t see how this can be caused by upgrade.

Not to mention, you are the only one reporting issue like this and the issue seems to be unlikely since there is no upgrade code in Manager which would even touch quantity amounts.

In future, I want to improve audit trail so you can investigate when and how (or who) changed data.

Customer’s who have been issued previous invoice identified different at the time when customer comes to us for payment and ask for total unpaid amount it get different from his previous balance. We are book keeping the data as well to reconcile . From the booked data inovoice amout and quantity also mismatched with the system generated bill.

Why quantities have changed will remain a mystery. The most obvious explanation is that someone has changed the quantity. It wasn’t the program on its own. This is why better audit trail is needed to see who changed what and when.

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different quanitity is shown in our previous data backup. but quanitity is different in our latest data backup. at system prospective we can only reconcile with our old system data backup with the newer one. is there any other way of auditing of system data please guide. otherwise it looks everything is messed up. any way forward please

When you open your backup in the latest version, do your invoices change quantities in imported backup file?

sharing example
backup taken on 25th August invoice is shown below

backup taken on 03 september same invoice is showing double qentitiy. mysterious for us dear

Someone must have changed quantity between 25th August and 3rd September.

This is not a program doing it. If it would, you would see increased quantity in both backup files.

(and a lot of other people complaining about the same issue)

Dear these differences are not in one inventory item its in different inventory itemss and there is no change in the quentitiy done by anyone and decripencis are apearing in veriables numbers not fixed. in previous example it went from 40 to 100 KG and in the above example it gets doubled there is no maunal change. Please look into it

@toijaz, you have not said, but I presume you must be using the desktop edition. Is that correct? If so, how many people have access to your Manager installation? Any one of them could have changed data.

If you are using the server edition, which restricted users have permitted access to your sales invoices? Those are the people who might have changed them. See the Guide for more information:

correct its desktop version only one person is using and no one else using it

@lubos an other intresting thing was observed there is no difference shown in the inventory because of this issue. it is observed that previous backup and current backup inventory is same. but whenever we are trying to update the invoice amount or quantity the impact is directoly effecting inventory quantities.

@toijaz are you saying the invoice changes quantity only upon being edited? What if you just view the invoice? Is it old quantity, then edit and new quantity appears?

@toijaz Can you confirm

  1. Opening the 25 Aug backup datafile version with the old version (number?) of manager program file shows the expected / correct quantities.
  2. Opening the 25 Aug backup datafile versions with the new version (number?) of manager program file shows the expected or changed quantities.
  3. Opening the 25 Aug backup datafile version with the new version of manager program and updating the invoice results in what change?

no the quantity also different than the actual quantity in the invoice(with compare to previous backup) but this quantity change due to any bug didn’t impacted the inventory. the inventory remains same as of previous version but invoice quantity have differences . To correct this by doing manual change in the invoice it impacts the inventory quantity which is creating further problems