Invoice not send via email

if i try to send invoice via mail error create (Error: NameResolutionFailure) please solve my problem

What operating system? What version of Manager? Have you searched the forum for solutions to this exact error report, which has been discussed many times? Have you tried the solutions that have worked for other users?

i am using MacBook air, and manager 15.7.28 if this is lower version please tell me how to update software and please mention row serial no. in sales invoices

Read the Guides at the top of the forum. There is one on updating on the Mac. You are about 1,000 versions behind.

Apologies for hijacking post.

I think it’s evident now that many many users still do not understand how to upgrade their manager software and are unable to read the guides first (Due to the high volume of users asking how to do so! @lubos, @Tut, @Brucanna, you have patience of saints keep explaining this to them!)

I would strongly suggest pinning the instructions of how to upgrade each platform above the guides at the top of the forum and name it “How to upgrade your manager software”

If this doesn’t make it easier I don’t know what will!

Keep up the great work!


hi, my problem is still there invoice is not sending error is (DocumentSaveException: Exception of type ‘Apitron.PDF.Kit.ErrorHandling.DocumentSaveException’ was thrown.)

please solve my problem

If you have updated your software like I suggested, this is almost certainly a problem with your email system or setup, not Manager. I don’t think anyone on this forum can diagnose it.