Emailing problem

Hi, When I try to email an sales invoice or sales quote a message comes up in red letters saying: (Error: NameResolutionFailure) can someone help me please.

Make sure your software is up to date. There have been many similar reports recently solved in this way.

ThanksTut, so I’ve uploaded the latest version as suggested but I’m still having a problem ? when I send the email it sends for ages and then ends up with send or cancel again. Help again please.

Sorry, but I’m not the one to sort email problems. I don’t use that feature of Manager.

If you are using windows - you may need to update .NET ? - read here

I am using Mac Book Pro

Try searching the forum for topics having to do with SMTP selection and port 587. There have been quite a few. Again, no claim that any of those ideas will work for you, but they seem to have for others.

Can you please help me how to fix this problem?

Are you using SMTP as your email settings?
Have you confirmed that they are the correct settings?
Are you on the latest version of Manager?
Does the Test Email work?