Email issues

DocumentSaveException: Exception of type ‘Apitron.PDF.Kit.ErrorHandling.DocumentSaveException’ was thrown.

Search the forum with the text of the error message. There have been many topics on this problem, most resolved.

Also, be sure your software is up to date, as that is what cured most of the problems.

Additionally, if you want help, you will need to provide specifics on your operating system, edition (desktop, server, or cloud), etc. Describe the situation that led to the problem. No one can help you when all you do is post an error message.

how to update manager

i use a mac desktop


I am trying send an purchase order to my supplier and when emailing it is throwing back an error message i am using an iMac desktop computer I have tried to update the software but can not see how

At the top of this page click on desktop, download your edition, and install.
You do not need to uninstall your existing program.
Its good practice to back up your data first however.

Read the guide: