Invoice not printing zero-rated vat column

why does the invoice print out not show zero-rated Vat as 0%?
as we sell food items in the UK, they are all zero-rated as 0, not zero i.e.: 0
thank of reply asap. Chris

Currently, if the tax is 0% it won’t be shown on invoice. Is this legal requirement in UK to explicitly indicate zero-rated supplies?

yes it is required in the UK to show zero-rated amounts on the invoice. chris

This issue has been fixed in the latest version (15.3.48)

Thanks for that fix. do I just go to download for mac site & download again or will it overwrite my data?
Express Accounts did this which is why I found yours, which is far more informative and gives me the critical info I need to run my small business! Chris

Yes, download the disk image, open it, and drag the application icon to your Applications folder. OS X will ask if you want to replace the older version or keep both. Click replace. When you open Manager again, you will be using the new version, but your database will not have been touched. All information from the previous version(s) will be there.