Display zero tax

I have helped a friend to install Manager. In my version 14.8.43 I can use a custom tax which is 0% and get displayed on invoices.

However she cannot do the same, in her version 15.0.5. When she makes a custom tax of 0 value, it is not displayed at all.

In Sweden it is obligation to show taxes always and the sum, even it is displayed zero.

I need to be careful here. In some countries it’s unusual to display 0% rate on invoices. The best solution is to handle it through in-built tax codes. What’s the name of this 0% rate tax code in Sweden? I’ll add it as in-built tax code and Manager will have knowledge to force display it by default.

I understand. At least it would be good to add a custom tax of zero value to be applied, so that it is not automatically shown by default.

In Sweden it is called ‘moms’.
There are 6%, 12% and 25% moms and no moms is “0% moms”.

  • “0% moms” is applied for certain products/services inside of Sweden.
  • “0% moms” is applied always for products and services outside of Sweden, in that case it is “VAT 0%”, and outside of EU it is “TAX 0%”.

For payments between EU businesses it should stay:

Intra-EU supply 0%


I’m not going to handle this through in-built tax codes after all. I came up with better solution. I should have it implemented sometime next week.

Good, thank you. Let me know when the update is available.