Zero VAT not showing on invoice


How can I show 0% vat on a printed invoice, if you enter say 20% this will show but 0% do not show on a printed invoice this has been a request form HMRC.


Just reading

If you issue a VAT invoice that includes zero-rated or exempt goods or services, you must:

  • show clearly that there is no VAT payable on those goods or services
  • show the total of those values separately

So I agree with you that VAT 0% code should be shown on an invoice in UK. There will be new version that will fix this so VAT 0% is shown.


Many thanks for your quick response its most welcome, and Manager is a fab piece of kit your continued support and improvements do not go un-noticed


Just a quick request and don’t want to be a pain but when will the update be available on the VAT issue I have to submit invoices to HMRC by the 10 May and VAT has to be seen even if its 0%


Should be fixed. Upgrade to the latest version (14.4.39).