GST free

How do I make GST Free show as 0.00 Tax on Invoice total

Default invoice template won’t show tax amount for 0% rate tax code. It’s pointless.

Hi thanks for your reply the problem I have is that we have customers especially government departments who require it to show on the invoice as 0.00 Tax. Is there anyway that we can have GST Free come up on the invoice

You can put “GST Not Applicable” (or 0.00 Tax) in the Notes field?
If you select the Set Default checkbox, you can have this come up on every invoice.

Thanks, I have had to do that already however just thought that their might be away to actually have it come up in the totals fields

If ATO would require invoices to be issued in that way, then Manager would do it. But ATO doesn’t require it.

You can either fight back by saying the invoice is correct from ATO point of view and that is all you care about… or just put that information in notes as @Zark has suggested.

I would fight back but that’s just me.

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