Invoice No

Hi…Is it possible to make the “Invoice No.” text field bigger to about 20 letters visibility…?
If its possible on user end…kindly let me know how…?
Otherwise kindly make the change in the next version.

You cannot change the size of the field. But it will accept much longer numbers than it displays upon entry. The full number will display when viewed and in lists.

Yes…i know it can accept longer numbers…but to check that we have put the correct invoice no., we need to scroll it. that’s tedius every time.
So i request to make it bigger to 20 words.

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Out of interest, why is your invoice number 20 characters?

It is normally just a key or reference number to identify one invoice from another. If you are using this field, invoice number, to store other information about the invoice than an identification number, this might be better stored in a custom field or fields. It is considered best IT practice not to divert a reference to store extra information but to use separate specific fields.

My invoice no. is not 20 characters. I want to make the change in the PURCHASE INVOICES. A lot of invoices we receive from our suppliers have 20 characters invoice numbers. And that’s somthing which is beyond my control.
So what solution do you suggest.

Sorry, I misunderstood your question. Obviously you have no control over your suppliers’ purchase invouce number.
Unfortunately the answer given by Tut is the only option available for now.