Font size on invoices


Is it possible to change the font size on printed invoices - the current font size is too small for the courier company to read


Could you send an example of your invoice to Font-size cannot be changed but it would be trivial to add it into Invoice Template. Before I do so, I just want to confirm you see your invoices the same way like everyone else.


Thanks for the email. Could you try the latest version 14.1.26? Font-size on address field has been slightly increased.


Obviously it is a big issue to account for all the different concerns with custom invoice templates but maybe in the interim, could a quick fix exist where we could toggle between 1 or 2 font sizes (i.e. large or small)?

Going to a smaller font size could add a small bit of refinement until other solutions come about.


By end of this month, there will be ability to fully customize look of invoices. That will settle a lot of feature requests.


It would be really nice if one could just drag a pdf with a custom bg design on to the invoice template and then drag all the fields onto that canvas. Oh, and rulers like in Indesign would be awesome :slight_smile:
Another great feature would be if you could make custom fields visible on the print version by ticking a checkbox or something.