Invoice malfunctioning critical issue

Hi All,
I need your valued support. The issue which i am facing is actually damaging all business accounting done because of some issue in Manager. The problem is, the system is automatically adding the sale item in the old invoices(open and closed both types) Resulting us inventory mismatch, recovery amount hike as well as wrong invoicing to customer, account mismatch with customer. Please help us.
In below example for the invoice NO 5500
ITEM CSM1122-37 we sold only one quantity but it wrongly increased and appears later quantity as two.
ITEM CR5677-20 We didn’t sold this item but it is showing in the invoice.
i have both backups with me. This issue is continuously appearing for multiple customers. Please help.


You need to post the edit screen of the invoice not the print version

Also, what version of Manager are you using?

You also need to explain how and when you obtained these two different versions of the same sales invoice.

Also, if the first screen shot is incorrect, why have you recorded two receipts against the invoice that equal the total amount and result in a balance due of 0.00 PKR? You are suggesting that Manager spontaneously changed your invoice. Yet somehow, the customer knew to send payments for the total amount. This does not make sense.

Hi Joe91, below is the edit screen of the invoice

same invoice in old backup

same invoice in the latest data

@Tut, We are continuously saving backup twice a day or bi weekly. i checked the history of the malfunctioning invoice from the day it was created till latest one where it was changed. which currently running with us.

@Joe91, The current version of manger is 18.11.10

Very clearly, someone edited the invoice between the date of the older backup and the current version. Very probably, that edited invoice was furnished to the customer, who paid the full balance due in two installments.

Please believe me: there is no possible way Manager could have added a line item, changed a quantity, and recorded two incorrect receipts from the customer, neither of which matches the earlier version of the invoice, but which in total just happen to exactly match the balance due on the later version.

The current version of Manager is 18.11.66 so you are a bit behind

I would hazard a guess that someone edited the invoice between the two dates

@Tut, I can understand, but believe me we put this under deep monitoring to make sure no other can do anything. I open the same case in September. you told us the same. to clear this doubt we put system under deep scrutiny to make sure this. this is happening when there is new release of the software/new installation or when computer forcibly restarted.

@Joe91 This is 100% sure no body did it. this is automatically happened by the system.

@toijaz, I reviewed the entire thread from your September complaint. The common feature in the two topics is your reference to frequent opening of backups. You do not explain how you are doing this. But you need to understand that whenever you open a backup, it is converted to the data structure of the software version you use to open it. That backup cannot later be used by an older version of the program.

If you are importing all these backups, it would be very easy to confuse them in your list of businesses. If you are not importing them, but instead opening them directly, you must understand that changes made in one version do not carry over to another version. So I wonder if confusion over which version of the data file is in use has contributed to the problem.

Another possibility is that someone cloned a transaction, planning to modify it for a later sale, but lost track of which invoice was the original and which was the clone. Someone might have edited the original, believing it was the clone.

Whatever the source of the problem, it does not come from within the program. @lubos explained in the September thread why this cannot happen. Of course, no software program is 100% bug-free. But you are not describing a calculation error, incorrect allocation to an account, or similar problem. You are suggesting the ability of the program to magically add line items, change quantities, and record payments. The truth is, Manager has no capability to take any independent action. It responds only to inputs from users. When software updates occur, no new accounting data is added like you report. Existing data may be displayed differently, or additional reports might be available. But the program has no in-built intelligence that can meddle with your records. I promise you: if what you suggest were true, thousands of users would be complaining.

You mention “we” and putting the system “under deep scrutiny.” These remarks imply more than one person possibly has access. That is where you need to look to understand what is happening.

@Tut, I am 100% percent sure no manual interaction done for problematic invoices. But how this is happening this is the problem. I am hopeful you will have ability to solve our issue. i can share the last 2 backups. Please give me your email to share with you.

@toijaz, I don’t have the ability to solve your issue. And I do not wish to see your backups. I am a forum moderator, not the developer.