Downgrade manager?

in the newest update when i record a new cash transaction for a sale invoice it didn’t redirect to the sale invoice please fix it or tell me how to downgrade manager to the oldest version?

You cannot downgrade unless you personally saved an old download. And then you would need to import an old backup.

But cash transactions have always been distinct from sales invoices. There has never been any form of redirection.

no that is the first time that the cash Receipt show after recording new cash transaction it always redirect to the sale invoice

Well, I don’t know what version you updated from, but I think you are mistaken. When you create any new transaction, after you click the Create button, the program shows you the transaction you just created.

In that context, Manager wouldn’t take you to new bank/cash transaction view. It has been fixed in the latest version (18.4.98)

Can you clarify exactly what was “fixed,” @lubos? Are you saying that after creating a cash receipt users are not supposed to see it?

When creating cash/bank receipt from invoice view, you’d be redirected back to invoice. Now you are redirected to cash/bank receipt view but if you want to go back to invoice, you can click one level higher on breadcrumb trail.

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Thanks, @lubos.

thanks for that, :ok_hand:t2:
but i think the old way is better :sunglasses: