Hyper link for Sales Invoice Payments

First of all very big thanks to manager.io developers. Manager.io is very useful and user friendly.
i would like to request a minor feature.

When we open an invoice it shows all the payment and receipts with date. if we want to edit a particular receipt or payment we have to find that payment or receipt manually.
if you can give a link to the payment or receipt. that will be very easy.

hope this feature will be added very soon :slight_smile:

Best regards

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or another way around append the reference number after ‘Receipt’

e.g. Receipt #123 – 9/3/2018

or, the applied receipt on that particular invoice shown within edit view of sales invoice - with the hyperlinks. since the view form is non-interactive

The reference number has become optional now so i dont think it will resolve anything adding it becouse it will be blank for some users who doesnt put an reference number or have not checked the automatic reference number.

every view form has edit buton on top

about the idea i find it useful and will be nice to have as a plus
however there are scenarios when one receipt pays 2 or more invoices and you will have to check consumer data to have a full view of the situation
but it remain a welcome adittion if the developer insert it on this software

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is advisable for users to use form default to made the new transaction auto numbering the reference field. a bad practice not to key in the reference number.

I am not sure what version you are on, my version is fairly recent (within the last week) and mine shows the reference number on the invoice.

As far as the payments go, if before you view an invoice, instead of clicking “View” you click the amount, it will show all payments on that invoice.

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You’re right, I’ve forgotten that updated it recently.

Yes you are right. now automatic reference no is optional. if we can make the default state checked or unchecked that will be great. :grinning:

You already can, in Form Defaults. See the Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/14059.

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