Issue with the invoice format

Issue with the invoice format. Kindly help me out , I wan to expand the detail column and amount column should come above total amount column.
FYI: i have removed the item column as i don’t want to show it to customer

Are you using a custom view template? If so, you are responsible for your own HTML coding.

@Austro_Led_Lights :wink: It’s Not big issue .

  1. Go to view template .

  2. find all colspan .
    like <td colspan="5" style="text-align: right; padding: 5px 10px">{{ tax_component.code }}</td>

  3. Now change all colspan=4 instead of 5

:slight_smile: your is issue solved now .

This is what i have got after changing the colspan to 4 from 5
I don’t want to show item column, i want to increase the width of description column instead , and decrease the width of qty , discount and amount column

@Austro_Led_Lights did you changed all the colspans to 4 from 5 ???

Yeah i have changed all the colspans from 5 to 4

Give me screenshot of your whole code from where you deleted the item coloumn

I’d suggest not to use View Templates anymore. This feature is obsolete. Use custom themes instead which are easier and more flexible.

But I don’t want the items column lubos, and less space to be used on top line.

Hey Pritam_Jain, do you know a way to display the ‘Item’ column in your invoices? Because that is what I need in my invoices instead of the ‘Description’? Where can I change that? As far as I can tell, the new Theme feature is to customise the look only of the document, not it’s content. Please enlighten me.

There are two fields that are part of inventory or non-inventory item definition that are not meant to display on forms. These are Item Code and Item Name. The Code is a search aid. The Name is primarily for reports. Description is what is meant to display on forms. Read these Guides:

If you don’t want Item column, make sure your inventory and non-inventory items have nothing entered in Code field. Themes will hide Item column automatically if Code field is not used.

Sorry, i don’t want to show the item column to customers, but while making invoice i need it for easy convenience.
So kindly guide me for that…

It is the dropdown box at the left end of every single line item on any form in Manager:

The entries in the dropdown list include both the Item Code (if being used) and the Item Name. In the example, BCM is the code and Boston Crab Meat is the item name.

Boss I need the item column but I don’t want to show this to customer in printout of invoice. So is there anyway for this?

What version of Manager are you using? You are describing a situation that does not exist now, if it ever did. If you have information in the Item Code or Item Name fields in inventory item or non-inventory item definitions, the Item column will appear on any form input screen where it is relevant. You don’t have to do anything for it to appear, and there is nothing you can do to make it disappear except have empty fields in all items.

And that column does not appear on outputs. If you have Item Codes, the Code column will appear, but not the Item Name. If you do not have Item Codes, nothing appears except Description.

So make sure you software is up to date. And if whatever problem you believe you have persists, show it in a screen shot.