A small request about email and invoices

Is there a chance that when a email is sent that either in the “emails” module adding the invoice number to the synopsis or on the invoice list itself a tag that say’s that it’s been emailed? Of course this would be for non-tracked invoices.

Sometimes I will hold a invoice with a small amount of billable material and add to it so my clients aren’t writing a lot of small checks to me. So, how I handle it now is a custom invoice field stating the status of whether it’s been emailed or not.

What would be great for me is just seeing the invoice number in the emails module somewhere.
Again, you have an outstanding accounting solution here.

This is something yet to be implemented. Then you will be able to see which record (invoice, quote, order) in Manager the email relates to.

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Any update to this? Been emailing a lot of invoices and would love the audit trail in the emails as to which invoice it was that was mailed.