Investment Quantity Changes

I have a problem about the “Investment” Tab and “Journal Entries” Tab. I can make an entry (transaction) in the “journal Entries” Tab.
I have multiple Investment (Shares) that has a “Dividends Reinvestment Plan” (DRP) which directly go back to the Investment. Therefore does not go through a Bank or Cash Account.
The problem is I cannot change the Quantity (QTY) in the same journal entry (transaction).

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I can confirm this behavior, however since the investments tab is still new and never had the feature to adjust for stock splits and stock dividends I can’t put this bugs. However, I can put this in Ideas.

For now as a temporary workaround, you can use the lines of a receipt as a Journal Entry. The total receipt value should add up to Zero.

Added to the latest version (22.10.25)

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