Inventory Items not available in Journals

@lubos - I hold my stock market shareholding as Inventory Items. When the Dividends are paid as part of a Dividend Re-Investment Plan (in lieu of cash) these are taken up via Journal. Since the recent changes this is no longer possible. In the following screen shots I am trying to change the Inventory Item in an existing Journal. Note: Inventory on Hand account changed to Stock Holdings

Journal before editing and the codes that are being changed

The Journal after selecting DDR-2

If Inventory Items aren’t going to be available in Journals, the alternative would be to open a DRP Cash Account as the transactions always balance to zero.

Is this happening on the latest version? You should be able to debit/credit inventory on hand from journal entries.

OK - currently using 16.5.74 - will update and report

Updated to 16.5.87 - could change the code and update the transaction. Thanks