Hi, i just started using the Manager. its well designed.
i have a big question. imagine i have already 1000 items in the inventory, i created another 50 new items by copy/paste from spread sheet. Now i want to make an offer for those new 50 line items, i want to pick this 50 items in one step without searching 1050 items from the total inventory. How to d this.
in simple words every time i have to create new items in inventory and i want the those items only to the Offer. how to do this :slight_smile:

you will have to save the inventory items with something to identify in the field ‘ITEM CODE’ or ‘ITEM NAME’.

for example, the new 50 items can be given a prefix like NEW in the item code or item name followed by any numbers or the actual item name. so when you pick the item for invoicing etc, just type NEW in the item selection field and all the items saved with this prefix will be shown.

This way you can select them easily without searching through your whole inventory items. I am not sure if there is a possibility to select all the 50 together.

Thanks Sharp, Thats a simple good method.

Ok, i checked this method, but is not the solution. because there is no mechanism to fill all line items with one similarity. Each line item have to be searched and populated.
Instead there should be a new-field which should take a common charactor of item code and populate all items from inventory to offer sheet.

manager does not know what item needs to be selected. its the user who needs to select the items necessary.

are the 50 items you wish to enter a group of items or separate line items?

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50 seperate line items for one enquiry.

i went through 1 full cycle of transaction, its really good and the option of user inputing the reference is the best, so any company can use their own method of naming/numbering. beautiful.

Creating inventory is easy operation as it allows copy/paste from spreadsheet.
whats really annoying is populating the Offer/sales quote template,
to populate 50 to 100 line items in to the Offer, its lengthy by going each line item, filter and pull the data. Can some one add a method like this way,
1 ) inventory data should be created with similarity as well unique item code (eg: 236-1, 236-2, ,236-50),
2) In addition to the drop down filter, there should be a new search field, when user types “236-” it should show the count of entries matching(50), and when user clicks/enter, the 50 line items should get populated in the offer screen, that is the first operation of the sale transaction and then is copied to all other functions which is available and good too.

i am sorry to write more, but this feature will ease the work very much to any user who has to deal with more datas.

since the software is intended for global use, it can be developed what the majority needs. Even there are some ideas I have but that is only for my convenience and not for others. :wink:

you can update the inventory items in excel and then import to Manager which will be easier in this regard.

Even though everyone uses the code to categorize their inventory, they may not need every item under the prefix code. So this would be a feature they would not need. As I said, requirements of many outweighs that of the few.

You may try making an inventory kit and use it. It would not show all the items included in the kit while printing but if the kit always contains the same items and quantity then you may give a list of the same to your customer so that they would know what kit contains what.

hmm, you are right too, unless the majority of users need it:smirk:
the kit is a different idea, it will not help here.
thanks sharp.


will it be possible to implement something in the future updates like having a popup window displaying the list of items corresponding to the search where the user could select the items from the popup result by a check box or a ‘select all’ feature ?

Or maybe having the option to print all the items included in an inventory kit?

I guess many users if not all would benefit from this.

Do you see a possibility to bring this feature as sharp suggests too, surely lots of users will be benefited,

Any luck for this, Can we have a check box and populate multi inventory line items in sales quote as per filtered result.