Inventory kit

i have started exploring the software and it looks really amazing with many features…
i stuck up with one query right now, may be it has been addressed earlier by others
i have a restaurant for which i use inventory kit of around 15 inventory item…
we are having many sales items in which we will use 14 inventory items as same but only change will be the 15th item…

eg Chicken biryani and mutton biryani… all the the inventory items used for both will be same but only change is the mutton and chicken…

like this we are having many different where we will use chicken,mutton,prawns,fish, veg etc…
if we go on creating separate inventory kit for each items , it will end up with may 100’s which is very tedious work…, can we have any alternate solution for this

Can you clone the basic inventory kit and just change the last item? If that is possible you would have little effort really.

Can an inventory kit contain an inventory kit. In that case you could create an inventory kit containing e.g. chicken and the inventory kit for biryani.

i had already tried this, there is no option for cloning available

already tried for inventory kit availability within inventory kit, that option is also not available.
once inventory kit is prepared, it is not showing in the inventory list items

That’s an interesting idea but there is a risk of users creating circular dependencies (such as inventory kit A contains inventory kit B, inventory kit B contains inventory kit C and inventory kit C contains inventory kit A)

The cloning option has been added to the latest version (15.5.82)

Bravo Lubos

its great now. cloning has been added…
Thanks lubos…
will be in touch with you

Allthough there is one problem with the inventory items.
When I make a discount to a customer. i.e. I discount chicken 20 %. Then it calculates that only 80 % of the chicken is sold.
ofcourse 100 % chicken is sold, the discounted amount is less profit not less material.
You can check this out in the “inventory - cost” field in the summary page.

If what I am writting is not something seen from anybody else, please tell me how the cost amount in that field is calculated, so that I will find out what I am doing wrong.

Right. And that’s how it works in Manager. Using discount column in sales invoice will have no effect on quantity sold or cost of goods sold.

I still couldn’t make use of this function. I don’t understand how it works with the inventory item.

A kit consists of a group of inventory items that are stocked and tracked individually, but that might be sold together. For example, you have inventory items A, B, C, D, and E. Sometimes you sell them by themselves. But you also offer a combination of 2 of A, 2 of C, and 1 of E that customers can order as a single item. You define a kit to include 2 A, 2 C, and 1 E. Rather than enter three line items with 5 total items, you enter 1 kit. Manager subtracts the items from the individual item inventory counts. You do not actually maintain stocks of the kits, just the individual items.

Lets say you have the Harry Potter books for sale…
Each book in the series is an individual inventory item as they can be sold individually.
But if you sell them all as a boxed set, then you would create an Inventory Kit - HP Boxed Set - which would be made up of all the individual Inventory items (books).

Similar with fishing equipment where you could sell a rod, reel, line and hooks as individual items, or create an Inventory Kit and sell them all as a complete set.

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Can i set inventory kit for purchase order ?