Inventory value by location

I have been using Manager (Cloud Version) for almost more than 6 years. During this period, I have seen it grow with so many features added. One of those is PROJECT. This is such a wonderful addition offering users with much flexibility for various application.

Recently, we have started fashion wear business opening more than 30 outlets (stores) with more stores coming soon.

Although, the overall P&L of all stores can be viewed in the current software system but to evaluate the performance (P&L) of each store separately, I have adopted a method to use the PROJECT feature. For this purpose, I have opened a project for each store (outlet) like PROJECT “A” FOR STORE #1, PROJECT “B” FOR STORE #2 and so on. For each store, a separate inventory location has been created. The goods are sent to each store by inventory transfer from the CENTRAL WAREHOUSE. All sales are done by identifying the respective PROJECT. All expenses relating to each store are identified by respective PROJECT.

That said, to compute the income of each store at a particular time, we can get all the expenses & Sales for that particular project say PROJECT “A”. However, to get the net P&L it is necessary to input the inventory value of that store in the related inventory location. Currently, we are doing by calculating the value of each items which is an uphill task for around 8000sku.

Currently, in MANAGER, we have below reports available relating to Inventory:

Special request to @Lubos, if you can add a report of Inventory value by location which is not asking too much because there already exist a report of inventory quantity by location then, our task will be easy.

Thus, it is earnestly requested to add a report of INVENTORY VALUE BY LOCATION which can be used to accurately & instantly calculate the P&L of each store. Thanks in advance @ Lubos.

@sonicgroup, why are you not using divisions instead of projects? Divisions were designed explicitly for this purpose. Projects were not.

Thanks for your prompt feedback @Tut . But, my staff find this way more user friendly. If we can add a specific report that i have requested, it would truly be helpful for many cases.

However, can you guide us how it can help us by using divisions to ascertain actual P&L for a given time. Hope my question doesn’t negate you

Just select the division on the standard Profit and Loss Statement report. Or create multiple columns and select different divisions for each one:

Of course, just like using projects, using divisions requires that you select the appropriate division on every transaction.

I made a test run based on your suggestion, yes! we can get the report as intended by posting of the topic

@lubos Hi, Wish your good health & prosperous business.

After discussion with my team, we feel the above requested report "INVENTORY VALUE BY LOCATION" would be greatly beneficial for our day to day reports. Hope you will understand and oblige us with the requested report.

Since, the report of inventory by location already exist so we strongly feel is not asking too much and can be easily added.

@lubos , please help us

M. Sultan / Sonic Group