Inventory Upload

Good Day ,

Im trying to upload 313 inventory items , all goes well until i click batch create…which kicks me out of inventory and loads “Select/Add Company” Screen.

Is there a limit on the amount of items that can be downloaded in a single go?


There is not a limit built into Manager. But a few others have reported this problem. Some have reported back that smaller batches work. Others never responded.

What edition are you using (desktop, server, or cloud)? If not desktop, this could be caused by bandwidth or timeout problems.

Hi Tut ,

Im using the Desktop version 20.8.27 English.

Very strange, ill keep testing to see where the error occured.


Hi ,

Ive tried importing 10 items and still get kicked out of inventory screen.

I also tried importing the first item only and it Manager accepts the entry , only thing is that it imports without the custom income/expense account.
Ive used the hex values from a previous inventory item for custom accounts. Manager recognises the custom account hex values because they appear on the “batch create” screen.However , when i create Batch Create, Manager excludes the value.

All solutions welcome


I’m not sure what you mean, because when you copy the Batch Create window and paste it into a spreadsheet, it is blank.

Hi Tut ,

Thanks for your response.

Please see batch creation screen attached , it shows hex value under custom account(taken from a existing inventory item)
However when i create batch and go to the inventory item, no custom account was created


You need a TRUE entry in the ExpenseAccount column for every item allocated to a custom expense account.

You really need to make a few manual entries, then generate a spreadsheet from Batch Update to see what is expected in each column for Batch Create. Only the final Key column should be excluded, as the program generates those keys during Batch Create.