Inventory from one business to another

i want to import inventory items as well as purchase invoices from one business to another.
i tried batch import but it imports item names and starting balance only -

can you please give me a solution to fix this issue ?

Your only option would be to do a backup of the current business and then do an Add Business - Import Business of that backup.

by doing so it will import the sales invoices too - but i understand that its not possible to do how i asked -
Thanks a lot for the timely reply

Why would you import purchase invoices from one business to another? A purchase invoice can only apply dot one business.

As for importing inventory, such as when you want to sell the same inventory from a new company as was being sold by another, batch operations batch operations can be used. See the Guide:

Hi , I am operating Two different companies on manager . Is there any way I can import sales invoice of one company as purchase invoice to another company .
At present I have to enter all details manually , is there any better way?


ok , thanks tut