Stock starting balance print/report

Is there a way to print the starting balance of the full inventory? In the Inventory quantity movement report only the items that have had a change in their stock quantity get listed, and therefore within the reference period of the report many items which are in stock for are not desplayed.
Maybe we need an tick option in the report that allows to show “all items” or “display also items with no movement”.
Thank you for your help!

Create an Inventory Quantity Movement report that starts on the start date set under Settings. (If you don’t have a start date set, you can’t enter opening balances, so you must have one.) For end date, set the current date to make sure you’ve captured all possible items that have movement. Your opening balances will show for those items that have them, along with all others.

The problem will be those items that had opening balances but no movement in your entire history.

EDIT: It later struck me that you might just be referring to opening stock levels for any random period. If so, even the half-baked trick above won’t do you much good.

Your suggestion is a good one.

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Yes, the problem is linked to the items with no movement at all. When I printed the item movement report I couldn’t see the items with 0 movement, which someone might want to have in the list anyway in order to check for example which items might have low or no depletion levels.

This is consistent with Manager’s overall design philosophy of not showing rows/columns/fields/functions when they have nothing in them or are not applicable to your Settings. But in this case, I think it is a mistake. The Inventory Value Movement report shows all items, regardless of movement. I will invite @lubos to have a look at this.

Originally Manager did show all items with balance on this report but a lot of users print these reports daily and want to see items with actual movement only.

@mauroskov, what is your use case? Why it’s important for you to show all items with the balance?

I can answer that question several times over:

  • Periodic inventory audits, where personnel need a physical list to take into the warehouse for the verification count
  • Inventory movement analysis, where it’s important to see counts not only for what is moving, but for what is not moving
  • Warehouse space planning and management, where rack/shelf space must be allocated/adjusted for goods on hand

@mauroskov’s idea of a tick option is a good one. That satisfies both perspectives.

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Thank you @Tut and @lubos. Indeed the points listed by @Tut are straight to the point. Sometimes it is important to go even through “left-overs” items, or even being reminded that they exist, in order for example to make plans on how to get rid of them.

Hi again.
I wanted to know if this matter has been addressed. I think this function has been improved, but in the Quantity Movement I can still only see items for which there has been any type of movement (Purchase or Production or Sales or Adjustment). In our stock (wine) some items were in stock at the end of 2016 and none were sold nor were additional quantities bought, so in the list they do not appear but we do have them in stock and it would be helpful to see them in the Quantity Movement report.
Thanks a lot.

Is there a solution to this? I would really like to see all the items as I want to enter this data into excel to calculate how long current stocks will last and when it’s time to reorder.

its great if this one is solved.

But temporary possible solution by my side is… add a separate report like No Movement in qty.

also one more possible solution is…
the report started by movements in qty… and then after Also display the No qty movement items.

I think, its simply add. but manager team will finalize batter.