Inventory Quantity Summary by location

Is it possible to generate a report which shows Opening Balance, Inventory Sold Location A , Inventory Sold Location B and closing balance.

Inventory Quantity Summary
For the period from 05/08/2022 to 12/08/2022
Opening balance Purchases Sales Closing balance

SK0101000 1 - ALUMINIUM SPLINE PULLEY 60 0 -17 43
SK0101000 2 - ALUMINIUM MOTOR PULLEY 60 0 -8 52

120	0	-25	95
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@Starsingh, what you ask for is the Inventory Quantity Summary report, but restricted to a location (or possibly listing all locations with appropriate filtering). I have put this into the ideas category and edited the title.

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I do not understand. What is ideas category?

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It is a category on this forum where something is put as an idea that can be further discussed and at some point may be considered for implementation by the programmer. The speed of implementation is extremely variable and depends how it fits with implementing other ideas that may be related.

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