Quantity on Hand showing latest transaction, not total

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I think I am doing something wrong with inventory. I did a purchase invoice in Feb for 11 items, sold 1 item later than month, and then wrote-off 2 items today. When I go to Inventory Items and click on the number for the item under Quantity, the page that comes up shows Quantity on hand -2, Quantity to be delivered from suppliers 11, Quantity to be delivered to customers 1, and Total 8. I have 8 on hand. I am confused as to why the Quantity on Hand shows -2, the amount I wrote-off today? Also, this states that 11 are to be delivered, but they were delivered 5 months ago. Can someone help me figure out the error(s) of my ways?:grin:


If you have the Delivery Notes and Goods Receipts tabs activated, then you must receive and deliver the items in addition to making the invoices.

If you don’t want to use delivery and receipt notes, deactivate those tabs, and then the Quantity to receive and Quantity to deliver columns will not show for Inventory Items.

Hi dcVest - thanks for the reply! I don’t have Delivery Notes or Goods Receipts activated. Can you think of something else that might be going on?

Can you show a screen shot of the left navigation pane of the Manager window? I’m referring to this:

If necessary to show the entire thing, use more than one screen shot.

It must be activated in your Manager. then only the Qty to be deliver and Qty to Receive will be display. remove it from the Customize button if you do not use that tabs.
And if you don’t understand this things then…
Please do as @Tut says in above message.

Hey Tut and AaiRiz - here is a screen shot. Thanks for your help!

And if you click onto the Inventory Items tab - what does it display ?

Hi Brucanna - it shows a list of my items with description, cost price, sale price, qty, average cost, and total cost.

Then if you click on a Qty, can you show a screenshot of what it displays ?

Ok @Zak, this could (?) be the situation - at some point you may have activated the Goods Receipts & Delivery Notes tabs but didn’t use them and then deactivated them but in doing this any pre-existing Purchase / Sales Invoices by default assumed that they needed those Goods Receipt / Delivery Notes tabs retrospectively.

Therefore to correct your data, delete each Purchase / Sales Invoice so that it breaks the expectation that they require a Goods Receipt / Delivery Note and then re-enter the Invoice.

If you could test this by recording the data for an inventory item and deleting a related invoice.

As you follow these suggestions, make sure first that you have fully closed and relaunched the program to reset active tabs. I’ve found that necessary on as couple occasions.

Hi Brucanna - here is a screenshot. I will try your test and report back.

Hi Brucanna -

I deleted all the purchase invoices, closed out, and recreated one. I also did an inventory write-off to see if that was still affecting the Inventory Item detail the same way. The Inventory Item detail looks the same as before regarding the Inventory on Hand and the Quantity to be Delivered from suppliers. It appears that the purchase invoice has registered that I purchased the item, but the system doesn’t realize that I have received it. This would answer the question of why the Inventory On Hand line shows the amount the I have written off…a negative number…since the system doesn’t realize I have the product in stock. Is there another step I need to take to receive an Item once purchased?

Okay…I think I figured it out. And, this may have been what you were trying to tell me. I did a little more research on the forum and looked at a post about a change made in the software. This post talked about the Goods Receipts function and how it incorporates what is actually delivered. I just added that and now my quantity on hand is accurate. If this isn’t how I should do it, please let me know. Thanks!

Under About Manager, what version number are you on ?

This is not making sense at all, if you haven’t got either Goods Receipts or Deliver Notes tabs activated the you shouldn’t be seeing “Quantity to be delivered from suppliers” at all.

If your Inventory Items tab looks like this:

Then when you click on a Qty on Hand balance then you should be seeing this:

Hi Brucanna - I am on 16.12.1. I am using an OS with 32 bit and was under the impression this was the latest that supported 32 bit. If that changed, I will upgrade to get current.

Here is my screen shot.

What is your operating system?

Ok, the issue relates to the age of your version. As to 32 bit, this depends on your operating system. Windows 32 bit is ok, but I don’t know where it’s at with regards to Linux 32 bit. Search the forum as I think there has been some developments with regards to SQLite or something ???

Thanks you to DCVest, Brucanna, for your replies.

I am on an Ubuntu-based Linux distro. I forgot that there are people that use this software with other OS’s and apologize for not mentioning how ancient my version is. I realize that would have helped a lot.

Thanks again to everyone for your help!

That may be how the copy of your program worked.

However, just wanted to make you aware that if you are using the Goods Receipts as a work-around, and not because they are needed for managing your inventory, the consequence is that you will have to continue using Goods Receipts in the future.* The only downside of that is that if you don’t really need Good Receipts, then they are extra work.

In the latest version of Manager, if the Goods Receipts tab is not activated then the Purchase Invoice puts items into inventory, and as already said, the “Quantity to receive” column will not appear on the Inventory Items screen. You are saved the step of creating a Goods Receipt.

*(Perhaps when you do get an updated version of the program, it may be possible to go back and delete all the Goods Receipts and then de-activate that tab. Can’t say for sure, and it may end up being a lot of work.)