Inventory Quantity Issue

Hi, we would like to ask why the inventory qty of one item we sold has not changed in the Inventory Items Tab. It shows that we still have 1 Qty on Hand which is not. Here is the photo.

While checking on Reports Tab under Inventory Quantity Summary it shows the balance of that item is 0 which is correct. Here is the photo. For your kind assistance, please.

Thank you

Did you select “Track quantity to deliver” for that inventory item
if so then you should create a delivery note for that item to be reduced from “quantity on hand”
Please read the guide Create and manage inventory items | Manager

Hi Shan, nope. Delivery notes is disabled.

Please make sure “Track quantity to deliver” is selected or not on your inventory item
what number is there on your “Qty to deliver” column which is not available on your screen shot?

Hi Shan,

We don’t want to track delivery. We only need to track the item to receive. That’s why our Track quantity to deliver is disabled. Below is the screenshot of the item. As you can see only option checked for monitoring is Track Quantity to receive. We dont need to track item for delivery.

We just need an assistance on why the inventory report shows 0 Qty on that item which is correct while under inventory tab it shows 1 Qty on hand which is incorrect. Thank you

From where your second screen shot taken from which shows 1 and -1 (what are those)?

Here is where we get it. As mentioned, under reports>inventory qty summary. You may refer to the column below to see where is the 1 and -1. Thanks

was it enabled before? have you used it before?
have you ever been used delivery note?

And do you face the problem for only that one item or all items sold?

When you post screen shots, it would be more helpful to post the full window rather than just a few lines/columns

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Did you search the guides for Inventory and did you read all those guides? If so, I think you missed this note at the bottom of Manage inventory - Part 1 Introduction, which may indicate the explanation you are looking for:

@randompro, your screen shot of the Inventory Quantity Summary does not show the same inventory item as your other shots. So it is not useful. Do you even have a real problem? Or are you misreading your records?

Hi Tut, it is the same item, however i just screenshot the line of that item as there are other items and it may not necessary. But if needed, here it is below for reference.

Highlighted is the item where my only question is. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi Mark, as per checking under the Summary>Inventory on Hand. It is correct as it doesn’t show the ACER Laptop with amount of 28,990. Here is the screenshot below.

But still under the Inventory Items Tab it shows there is still 1 On Hand. As shown on below screenshot.

Upon clicking the 1 under Qty on Hand in Inventory Items Tab. Only the Goods Receipt is recorded but not the sales invoice and receipts. Below image for reference.

Please show the edit screen of the Sales Invoice

Here it is Joe91

Show the full, and I mean Full including Tabs, of the Edit screen of the inventory item LAP-ACER-…

and of the Purchase Invoice of same

Here it is Joe,

That looks OK

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