Inventory quantity by location for a specfic date

inventory quantity by location for a specific date ? manager give me as today only ?

You are right. I think it’s a bug since it’s not coherent with other reports or at least a forgetfulness.

i hope if they will help me with this case

Yes. That report is only available for current status.

It is not. That is how the report was designed, and it works as designed.

As everywhere in the software, since it’s sold as perpetual accounting software, we need to have the report at a certain date.

That’s also the porpoise of double entry accounting.

Can we put this into ideas?

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“Perpetual software” only means it does not require closing at the end of an accounting period. That description does not automatically imply anything about specific report features that are or are not available. That is entirely a matter of report design.

I will move this to the ideas category, however, because it seems like a useful feature, especially when doing physical counts for verification. Seldom are they completed in one day.

Added to the latest version (19.9.27)


Even if the count is not completed on one day, date on which stock report been printed is considered as a CUT-OFF date and all IN-OUT documents are signed by person conducting the count so to reconcile. Therefore for large stock count activity, days are not that material but the count and reconciling any difference.

I believe MANAGER also records the transactions date wise, if so then from auditing and internal control point of view, ability to print stock status report for any date is of immense importance. Perpetual or periodic is just a method of costing the items in stock. It has nothing to do with the physical quantities present.

Perpetual, as used in descriptions of Manager has nothing to do with inventory. It refers to the fact that income and expense accounts are not closed at the end of an accounting period.

@lubos thanks a looot for this
i was using inventory movement report, but it didnt show the locations this is very helpful

only 3 major areas improvement left for this software to be perfect
production orders
audit trail
and ability to select customer/supliers in cash transactions

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