Inventory Quanity Report - Clarification

The Purchases shown does not reflect the actual purchases made during the period, the quantity used in production is subtracted and the balance is displayed…

There seems to be some confusion, can you look into it

Purchas of a particular part on the Inventory Report should ideally be the sum of all the purchases done through Invoice during that said period?

Some improvements have been made to inventory reports today, can you check the latest version (16.7.55)?

Thank you Lubos … that helps

@lubos Fixed asset also needs Adjustments column in the report

See the example below (Inventory Value Movement). The adjustment will show transactions which are not purchase cost of asset or depreciation or disposals entries e.g. Revaluation or asset write off/impairment

Currently if I do any adjustments (Revaluation gains/loss) . It effects it in additions instead of showing it under adjustments column.