Inventory on hand

Where can I find inventory on hand when entering a purchase invoice?

When you create the invoice don’t use item. Use account column and choose “Inventory on hand” account. That will give an extra column where you can choose the item from inventory list.

You will have to create the items before hand though under “inventory items”.

How did you get account Inventory on hand & iPhone 3 under account column?

The Iphone 3 is inventory item I created on the Inventory items tab. Check the Videos page for the inventory video. It explains the process from creating to selling inventory items.

Inventory on hand account is visible in the list of accounts only if Inventory Items tab is enabled.

See how to enable tabs:

Inventory Item is already enabled. i also created some items in Inventory Item. plz send me video link. thx

Thx . But sorry to tell u that YOUTUBE is banned in my country.

Check your private message. I can upload to dropbox so you can download the video?

It was a wonderful way to understand. I’ve done it. Thanks a lot.

i understand everything about Inventory sale and purchase in last edition. but it is updated now.
again i can’t understand how to make purchase and sale in this edition?
please help me last year by sending me videos on my email.

there are no official tutorial videos.
everything you need to know is well categorized and illustrated with examples in the guides section.

Thx bro i got the point.