Setting up inventory for grocery store

I just downloaded this app on my desktop and its been very helpful in organizing my expenses in one place. However, I’m having difficulty regarding Inventory.

I’m running a small grocery store and I’m clueless as how to use the app so I can see the data I need.

Been trying to read the guide manual but I don`t even know how to edit the option under “inventory items” to make changes like putting the quantity of each item that I purchased. Can anyone suggest what tabs I should enable in the Manager app?

These are the things I’d want to see in the summary.

Inventory Items
Purchase cost
Selling price of Each Item
Quantity of Item
Income of item after deducting its Purchase cost

Also, how can I manually put the Daily purchased items & income in the Manager app?

Also, I want to ask how to use Barcode system in the Manager app.

Thanks a lot!!! :slight_smile:


Create each item as inventory that you sell in the store.

Now create purchase invoice from the supplier you bought the stock from.

Now go to your inventory and you see the amount of items added.

Now you can sell the items to a customer.

Hope this helps…

First, you should enable Inventory items tab.

Then set up your inventory items.

To purchase inventory items, you can use Purchase Invoices tab if purchasing on credit or Cash Accounts if making cash purchase.

I assume, when you sell inventory items, you don’t issue invoices to customers. If you have POS system, you can post daily journal entries that is summarizing list of items you’ve sold during the day.

To analyze profit margins per item, enable report called Inventory Profit Margin.

hi! tried your suggestion guys, and so far its working perfectly ^_^.

I just have another question regarding the POS system, is that included in the manager app or do I have to download it separately, will it work on a mac laptop though, that’s the one I’m using right now.

Where is the option that would mark a certain purchased invoice as already paid?

There is no POS functionality in Manager. Possibly in future.

Since Manager is double-entry accounting system, you just can’t mark invoices as paid. You need to also explain how did you pay for the invoice (bank, cash, out of pocket).

See: Guides | Manager