Inventory of two business control by one update

is there a way to access the key for the update so that if i enter one product in business A and same product in business B and have similar records in both businesses …Currently if i want to update the quantity in Business A and transfer the Quantity in Business B they don’t have same key any possibility i can make the key same in both businesses

Not sure what you mean by key? However, businesses are completely separate and there is nothing transferable between two separate businesses in the manner that you are suggesting. All you can do is record a sale/purchase in one business and the reverse in the other. You are not meant to link businesses in the manner that you are suggesting as they are supposed to be separate accounting and legal entities.

Manager doesn’t have company consolidation capabilities that would enable double entry across separate companies - where the intercompany current account handles the contra entry.

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Company consolidation is definitely long-term plan but it’s not something I will work on until all items from current roadmap are ticked off.