Inventory Measurement

Hello I found something in inventory. I have inventory let’s say it named “AAA”.

In 31th December 2018 inventory “AAA” has balance 30 packs.

In 2nd January 2019 my staff created “Inventory write-offs” for 31th Dec 2018 after did stock opname. He did write-offs inventory “AAA” for the 40 packs. My staff didn’t check the balance before made write-offs. The balance should be -10 packs in 31th Dec 2018 after write-off.

in 4th January we bought inventory AAA from supplier as many as 20 packs in order to the balance were being 10 packs.

Here is the problem in 4th January, the balance “-10 packs” in 31 Dec 2018 after write-offs in 2nd January was disappear and became 0 then the write-off was created in 2nd January for 31 Dec 2018 is only 30 packs (my staff created 40 packs for write-off) then 10 packs jump to 4th January 2019 after we bought.

If difficults to trashback. It only recognized 30 packs for the write-offs for 31th Dec 2018. I think you let it -10 packs and don’t allow the 10 packs jump to 4th January 2019 after the balance in positive or you can make it in “error messages” when the balance is wrong.

Thank you very much.

So basically you are requesting a check in order not to go under zero?

First, give a check in 31th december 2018 that marking balance wrong or minus.
Then, don’t let 10 packs jump to 4th January 2019 after the balance became positive.
If manager allows 10 packs jump to the next date that balance is in positive it would recognized in the date in positive balance whereas we input for 31th december 2018, not for 4th january 2019. I hope @lubos makes improvements.

@ejjaadiargo, Manager will not write off more inventory than you have. Correct the mistake rather than asking for the program to be changed to allow impossible transactions.

you said @Tut manager won’t write off inventory more than my balance?

This picture shows the balance in 01/01/2019 for inventory AAA these are 12.

Then I made inventory write offs in 03/01/2019 for the 20. It affects balance to the -5 at 03/01/2019.

But when I purchased for inventory AAA in 07/01/2019 the inventory write offs will jump to the 07/01/2019 as many 8 in order to allocate in account for 07/01/2019 l not for 03/01/2019, see picture below =

In this condiiton When we trash back the transactions, we just found the write offs looks well in 03/01/2019 because there is nothing wrong (whereas there were inventory write offs as many 20 pcs, but after we purchased in 07/01/2019 it changed only 12 pcs).

I am not sure why you are switching numbers in the middle of this discussion, but I will use the ones from your second post.

You are being confused by the order of display, I think. You originally had 12 units. You entered an impossible transaction by writing off 20. Manager split that transaction into write-offs of 12 and 8. But, since they were both on 03/01/2019, the display does not distinguish which comes first. And the running balances are just calculated on the fly, making it look like the write-off of 8 came first and 12 second.

When you purchased 14 more, Manager could resolve the problem. It correctly applied the write-off of 12 on 03/01/2019 and the remaining 8 on 07/01/2019. I did not fully explain this in my first post, because I was making the point that the way to fix things is to correct the original mistake.

But, also be aware that Manager does not discard information. As seen in your second example, as soon as an entry was made that allowed the impossible situation to be resolved, Manager resolved it by changing dates to those on which the transaction could actually have occurred. Similar things happen when inventory is sold before being received.

yes @Tut, but isn’t it hard to trashback to know there was something wrong by write offs 20 whereas the balance only 12? and manager recognize the 12 first in 03/01 then 8 second on 07/01, it gives bias information when we create reports for the 03/01/2019. It could be happen because inventory are not received yet or caused by wrong measurement on physically and this conditions are commonly in business process.
The biggest problem for me only about bias information and when we see the mutation of transaction for inventory AAA it looks like nothing wrong and we received bias information about 8 packs wrote offs on 07/01/2019 whereas it wrote for 03/01/2019.

Been mentioned plenty of times before but for some reason keeps getting put down…
A pop up window that informs the user that the amount entered exceeds quantity on hand, with the ability to stop it showing in future, would be great. It would not stop you entering a higher amount, just inform you that you have done so.

Actually, I don’t think so. You can quickly scan the inventory item transaction list and spot a write-off bigger than the quantity on hand. The fact that the write-off was split into two transactions is also a clue.

I cannot explain the logic any better than I have, because I do not have access to the code. And I probably would not understand it if I did. You began this topic wondering why things looked unusual after your staff made a mistake. I have explained why. That is the best I can do.

thank you @Tut for the great discuss and your attention, I just hope there is improvement maybe or anything from developer like @lubos .

I am just facing problem for the bias of information because the 8 packs are recognized on 07/01/2019 and to check is it right we need to click show but I think it could be easier without click show just se the transaction list.