Inventory management

hello everyone i want to know about inventory management in manger i want two fields to be added and subtracted simultaneously in inventory how can i perform that please tell me

please explain better what you are trying to achieve.

suppose in my business i have received candy towel size 2754 and its gr no is 244
no I again receives a candy towel size 2754 with gr no 245 no i want both gr no in inventory so that i may easily know which gr no`s towel is in stock with me like this i would have about 100 items and 100 gr no like this

Currently, Manager considers all stock under a single inventory item to be interchangeable. You cannot track inventory individually by lot number, goods receipt number, serial number, purchase price, or anything else.

then how can my problem be solved can I put lot no or gr no in item code field??

You could, but the item code is the primary means Manager uses to identify an inventory item. So putting a lot number or group number in the item code field makes that number a unique inventory item. You will have to create a new inventory item for every group code.

You must understand, there is no way in Manager currently to distinguish any aspect of an inventory item from other inventory items of the same code/name. I already told you the program considers them interchangeable.