Inventory batch for managing current and previous inventory

I want to know how can i get inventory details with same name but with different batch.
For example i prepare 100 clothes of red colour in December .
And sold 90
And again i received an order of 100 clothes of red colour
How can i separate them with batch number.

I want to know about my 1st batch and my 2nd batch inventory separately.

Manager assumes quantities under the same inventory item are identical and interchangeable. The program does not have the ability to track separate batches, lots, or serial numbers. The only way to do what you want is to create separate inventory items for each batch.

You can also use inventory kit as a subpart of one inventory item.

  1. You create a new inventory kit. If you need to map additional informations you can add custom fields to the inventory kit
  2. You sell the kit
  3. you inactivate it

You can then create a Custom Report with all the data you need.

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Great ideas