Inventory Location with quantities can be deleted

If you have an Inventory Location with quantities, say Warehouse B

The user can delete that location without receiving any message like
0000000 Bug 3

And the quantities associated with that location disappear from the Inventory Item

Also any transaction which referenced that Inventory Location now displays
0000000 Bug 2a

However, the situation is not fatal as the quantities can be re-established if the user either selects the “x” to delete the “####” which will cause it to become “Unspecified location” or another Inventory Location on each affected transaction.

Fortunately, the user can track all those transactions showing “####” as they show up as “Unspecified location” on the Report > “Inventory Quantity by Location”

If a user happens to delete all Inventory locations, then all quantities are removed even though a transaction exists for that Inventory Item.

Purchase Invoice with Inventory location

Inventory Item with quantity

Inventory location deleted (without any warning message as displayed above)
000 2

The Purchase Invoice no longer has any Inventory location field
0000000 Bug 6a

The Inventory Item shows no transactions even though the Purchase Invoice exists.
0000000 Bug 5

Under this situation the user doesn’t have access to either “####” or the location report.

However, once again the situation is not fatal as all the user has to do is recreate an Inventory location and the “#####” will return to all transactions and the location report becomes available.
0000000 Bug 5a

NOTE: This testing was done without the Goods Receipt or Delivery Note tabs activated.

Yes, This happened to me exactly.

I even tried creating the same inventory location with same name it used to be. But “####” wont change back to the inventory location.

I even selected "batch update " option and tried to delete some key under “inventory location key” column but after updating also the items were missing.

Entries without keys will not update.

Fixed in the latest version (17.12.75)

Any solution for already deleted inventory locations?

i found another bug which is a good thing for me.

which i check inventory items tab, it shows me less inventory because of deleted inventory locations.
But, if i check from inventory quantity by location Report. it shows me exact total inventory in unspecified location.
This was already mentioned above by @Brucanna.

But what i found out is, after checking inventory quantity by location report I came back to inventory items tab then i found out my total inventory which is perfect till this step.

But this will only last for 5 mins only.

Here are the screenshots
this screenshot is taken at inventory item tab, which shows -ve inventory values because locations was deleted. take example of the Highlighted item


Step 2:
Below screenshot shows the report of inventory quantity by location, which shows all the quantity without mistake

Step 3:
Below is the screenshot of inventory item tab, now it shows perfect inventory including deleted location quantities in unspecified location.

But this will last for only sometime.

Did you do the backup as instructed 0000000 Bug 2

If yes, then do a Add Business and Import Business of the backup and follow the previous advice given, or with the current business file

Then click on the Report’s blue figure under Unspecified location
0000000 Bug 5a

It will provide a list of transactions which make up that Unspecified location’s quantity.

Click edit against each transaction and either click “x” to remove the “####” or select an inventory location.

Yes i understood the process which you mentioned

But what i mentioned earlier was the Bug in inventory module.

WHich will last for 5 min only.

I think that that situation only exists because of your deleted keys (?).
I have been variously testing the deleted Inventory locations and the resultant unspecified locations in the reports and haven’t seen that behaviour at all.

Having said that, which version are you on, have you updated since the Inventory location deletion fix ?
If yes, then you can test that by fixing one of your inventory items inventory locations setup and see if that inventory items quantities still change.
I haven’t updated yet.

I did batch update, in excel i deleted all the keys in starting balance inventory location column, after updating there was no change in “####” in this locations. and nothing changed back to unspecified location.

Im using the latest version downloaded today after the fix (17.12.75)

In this latest version also the same this happens as below post

As I wrote previously, never delete keys during batch operations. This is stated in bold text in the Guide on batch operations, in the section on batch updates: