Inventory Kit inactive and Manager not using keywords from description field

Would it be possible to make Inventory Kits inactive as I have two inventory kits - one a computer with black mouses and one a computer with white mouses. When I finished my stock of black mouses, I moved to using the white mouses only, but I had a period where I was selling both inventory kits so I needed two inventory kits. Now I cannot delete the inventory kit with black mouses.

I have discovered that if the keyword is not in the item name, Manager cannot find it. Manager used to be able to pick up keywords from the description column as well. Could this be fixed. Thanks

The latest version will let you mark inventory kits as inactive.

This is not to be fixed. What I’m trying to enforce is that names of inventory kits, inventory items and non-inventory items have meaningful names so you can tell them apart without description.

This is because none of the inventory reports will show item description. But there are more places in Manager where only item name is shown. You need to be able to tell what sort of item was purchased or sold based on its name.

Thank you. I will update to the latest version. Having said that, what might be a better option is for me to rename the inventory kit and populate it with new inventory items so I don’t end up with a long list of inactive inventory kits over the next decade as computer equipment models have a very short lifespan.

I see your point about Item Names needing to have meaningful names. I have already updated the names accordingly so I can find them.