Inventory Kits - Not Updating

We sell books. If a customer buys a complete 3 volume kit of books we offer a discount. We were really pleased when inventory kits became available because it seemed to offer a perfect solution for this situation.

After inventory kits was made available recently, I created a series of new kits so that when I sold an entire ‘kit’ the component books would be reduced in inventory. I just sold my first ‘kit’ but within inventory items the ‘kit’ was reduced, in number rather than the 3 separate component books.

I think the problem is because before inventory kits became available I had created my own virtual kit where I sold an inventory item (which included all 3 books in the series). Of course, I had to manually reduce the component books each time the virtual ‘kit’ was sold.

I have had a few sales of the old inventory item (virtual ‘kit’) before I linked the new inventory kits to the inventory items that made them up. I can’t test to see if the problem will go away if I delete the old inventory item (virtual ‘kit’) because there are transactions pointing to it.

Can anyone suggest a solution that I can try?

Inventory kits never show up under Inventory items tab so whatever you have there, it’s not inventory kit.

I suggest you delete pseudo-inventory kit from inventory items you have created in the past as a workaround, then link all the sales to the real inventory kit item.

Thanks Lubos.

There was a second entry from the inventory drop down list labelled the same. When I selected it I got the result I expected.

Just one thing - the item field is blank in the resulting sales invoice (which would have been SKU in inventory item)

See below:

Any idea how I can get the item code to display in the invoice? It would be useful to show customers what the correct code is to order.

PS Oh, one more thing - How do I delete the pseudo inventory kits (some do have transactions against them)?

Item issue fixed in the latest version (15.1.11)

As for cleaning up previous workaround, simply go to Inventory items tab, click on the amount or quantity of your pseudo-inventory kit item to see all the transactions and make sure all transactions point to the real inventory kit.

Once you “redirect” all transaction to real inventory kit, you will have no transactions under pseudo inventory kit which means you will be able to delete it.

I seriously dont understand the meaning of this feature.

Is this feature made available to consume multiple inventory items at the time of sale at once?

I am still waiting for the feature of proper BOM, which can help me build just like this software “MoneyWorks Gold”

It’s a pick to order kit for sales not a manufacuring BOM.

i.e. If you sell the kit, Manager will Pick and consume the required quantity of each of the items in the Kit you just sold.

Alright. Got the point of feature INVENTORY KIT.

Thanks for explaining